Hey Valley bud flowers friend this is for snackin on !!


This weeks box contents :
Salad mix ,  Pac choi two of them , Tokyo greens , Lil bundle of radish and Fresh Herbs Mint , Oregano and Dill  !!


So usaully we do a weekly veggies stand at our Csa Location , Antisocial 2337 Main street . 

But with the new way the world is running , we dont know when we can start that weekly market so until then we are going to do weekly one time boxes avaible for pick up fridays at the same location from12-6pm 


Each week each box will be different and cost a diffent amount so its not a Csa its just a weekly box its still goes to suppporting your local farmers the same , no need to pre pay for this one if you like it its yours !

Limited supply always . 


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Thank you for supporting locally grown flowers and food !!

Your Valley Buds 

Alana and Michelle 


One time veggie box

  • Veggies as shown in photo !!


    Organic and Grown in Squamish BC !!

  • Antisocial 2337 Main street 12-6 pm !


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